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New fragrance ‘Kiya 12’ named for Chakiya, who succumbed to rare prevotella oris ; a portion of proceeds earmarked for research, public awareness

LOS ANGELES — Belinda Baker, host of the Punch TV daytime talk show, “Changing Steps,” recently announced the debut of her newest fragrance in the 6Tween Everything Gurl product line — “Kiya 12.”

Kiya 12 is named in honor of Baker’s granddaughter Chakiya, whose life was cut short at the tender age of 12. Chakiya was the victim of a rare bacterial disease that often goes undetectedcalled, prevotella oris, a silent killer commonly mistaken for the flu.

“Kiya was a happy little girl who loved to smell good, which inspired the idea for the fragrance line,” said Baker, who is seeking wide support for Kiya 12, and the entire 6Tweenproduct line to enable her to earmark a portion of the proceeds forprevotella oris research, public awareness, and the prevention of death from the dreaded disease.

In addition to the Kiya 12 fragrance, the entire 6Tween product line for girls includes lotions, bubble bath, body spray, lip gloss, and nail polish. The fragrant enhancements for young ladies are available online at 6Tween.org.

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